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Papa Nick's Demo Depot

Here are some demos of some of Papa Nick's original songs.  If you enjoy them, drop Papa Nick a line on the contact page.  He'd love to hear from you...

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Papa Nick is a true Renaissance man when it comes to his music.  (He isn't sure what the label "Renaissance man" means in this context, but he really likes the sound of it.)  His musical influences are wide and varied, so getting a sense of what kind of music he performs can be challenging.

To give you a feel for what he'll try to do if you hire him*, here are a few of the artists that Papa Nick covers:
From the 60s:  Beach Boys, Beatles, Zombies

From the 70s:  Eagles, Jimmy Buffett, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Warren Zevon

From the 80s:  Tom Petty, Tommy Tutone,  John Mellencamp

From the 90s:  Barenaked Ladies, Chris Isaak, Guster, Ben Folds

From this century:  Maroon 5, Fountains of Wayne, Adele (yes, Adele), Julian Velard

Papa Nick can play a very broad variety of tunes beyond the pop-rock stuff above--if you have requests, he just might be able to work them in. 


* In addition to singing songs by these and other, related folks, Papa Nick will also crack wise.  It isn't so much that he tells jokes--he is not a stand-up comedian--as it is that he is, to use a technical term, a "smart ass."
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